Are you having a chronic or acute pain, chronic pain or recovering from injuries? Or just need some kind of therapy to heal body and mind.

Therapies for pain is offered by combination of remedial massage, moxibustion and photobiomodulation therapy by Shizu.

Photobiomodulation therapy (low level laser)

Photobiomodulation (low level laser) therapy is completely non invasive and painless, and it promotes tissue healing. The client hardly feels the penetration of this light but this is effective at the musculoskeletal level. Photobiomodulation is defined as a form of light therapy that utilizes non-ionizing light sources, including lasers, light emitting diodes, and/or broadband light, in the visible and near-infrared electromagnetic spectrum. It is a nonthermal process involving endogenous chromophores eliciting photophysical (i.e., linear and nonlinear) and photochemical events at various biological scales. This process results in beneficial therapeutic outcomes including but not limited to the alleviation of pain, immunomodulation, and promotion of wound healing and tissue regeneration.


Moxibustion is part of Traditional Chonese Medicine. This heat therapy which dry herb is used to penetrate to the area where it is needed without bruising or injuring. The effect is unique and she has found it as one of the best therapy for post injury, chronic or acute pain, before and after sport, or it could be any physical difficulties. 

Remedial Massage 

Remedial massage utilises a range of massage techniques for treatment and rehabilitation of injuries or preparation of sport, promoting well-being and maintenance of general health, and for relaxation.

Mobile massage / therapies

You can book online for mobile services in Colac, Forrest and surrounding area. Experienced at disability, aged care, and holiday accomodations. Contact 0434551350 for any special arrangement.

Colac Clinic

Address : Shop5 (Otway Plaza Complex), 58 Hesse Street, Colac

Private Insurance provider for •Medibank Private •AHM •Australian Unity •BUPA •GMHBA •Nib •ARHG •Grand United •HBF •Doctors Health Fund •Manchester Unity •CBHS •Work Safe

Forrest Mobile Massage

Available in Colac, Forrest and surroundings 

Private Insurance provider for •Medibank Private •AHM •Australian Unity •BUPA •GMHBA •Nib •ARHG •Grand United •HBF •Doctors Health Fund •Manchester Unity •CBHS •Work Safe 

Shizu Aoki-Broomfield
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia

Sporting Background : Competitive in both Gymnastics and Snowboarding Slopestyle in earlier years in Japan

Experienced in coaching with accreditations of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (Gymnastics Australia) and Roller Derby (Roller Derby Victoria), Level1 Sports Trainer (Sports Medicine Australia)