Do you need aches and pains to be soothed, or just some rejuvenation?
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‘Body Therapy’

Remedial Massage utilises a range of massage techniques for treatment and rehabilitation of injuries or preparation of sport, promoting well-being and maintenance of general health, and for relaxation. Our qualified practitioner Shizu will conduct a proper assessment of your condition and tailor the treatment combined with the following techniques according to your personal needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

Firm pressure massage by fingers, thumb or palm, usually Shizu uses acu-pressure or trigger points that ease pain and stiffness.

Sports Massage

Loosening up muscle tissues by stretching, tapping  or kneading. Physically removing blockage and encouraging good blood flow for body adjustment and healing of injuries. Body preparation and maintenance of your best performance. 


Gentle touch strokes easing your mind and facilitating awareness of your body. This will stimulate receptors in some areas of the brain.


Cupping therapy involves creating a suction force to pull blood into the skin. Cupping will help muscle relaxation, changes in local tissue structures and increase in blood circulation. Cupping can be combined with remedial massage but if you specifically want cupping to be added, please feel free to request!

Pregnancy Massage

Shizu will be able to help reduce pain and soreness that can occur during pregnancy. If having sciatic pain, massage combined with moxibustion  “Therapies for pain” is recommended.


Moxibustion is a form of therapy that entails the burning of dry herb. Moxibustion stimulates blood circulation in deeper area, triggers the body’s natural healing response. This therapy is excellent for deeper penetration without bruising or injuring. Moxibustion is now under Therapies for pain

Mobile massage / therapies

You can book online for mobile services in Colac, Forrest and surrounding area. Experienced at disability, aged care, and holiday accomodations. Contact 0434551350 for special arrangement.

Colac Clinic

Address : Shop5 (Otway Plaza Complex), 58 Hesse Street, Colac

Forrest Mobile Massage

Available in Forrest and surroundings 

Shizu Aoki-Broomfield
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia

Experienced in sports, aged care, disabilities

Sporting Background : Competitive in both Gymnastics and Snowboarding Slopestyle in earlier years in Japan

Experienced in coaching with accreditations of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (Gymnastics Australia) and Roller Derby (Roller Derby Victoria), Level1 Sports Trainer (Sports Medicine Australia)