Update : We are still open

Yes we are still open for Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and remedial massage!

The current global action to halt the spread of this new virus has resulted in our implementing increased infection control procedures in our clinic. We are screening our patients before doing treatments. The screening process includes three important questions as well as pre-treatment hand sanitation.

The questions are:

(1) Have you recently arrived from overseas?
(2) Have you been in contact with someone confirmed to have contracted Covid 19?
(3) Do you have cold or flu symptoms?

If you answer no to these questions, and after using some of our lovely hand sanitiser, we can go ahead and provide our therapies.

Shizu and I are passionate about our work and believe strongly the important role our therapies provide in reducing pain and suffering as well as its support of health and
well-being. Please know that there is evidence that massage and acupuncture therapies can potentially result in boosting the immune system, and might possibly increase one’s resistance to pathogens.

Such a health crisis in our country means that health care must go on, and many health workers strive to continue to provide their therapies. It is very important to provide these therapies in a way that is consistent with the global effort to suppress this virus. That’s why we are screening our patients, and I know all our wonderful clients will understand and cooperate with our procedures.
Warms regards from
Andrew and Shizu Broomfield
Colac Otway Chinese Medicine