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-22nd July 2020-

Greetings from Andrew and Shizu at Colac Otway Chinese Medicine.
We hope you are all coping as well as possible in these difficult and confusing times. The virus that causes the Covid-19 illness has found its way into the Colac area, and unfortunately a number of people have fallen ill. We wish them all a speedy recovery! We also want to express our support and solidarity with the health care workers tasked with diagnosing and caring for the people who have been infected. Fortunately we live in a society that has a public healthcare system available to all.
It is a concerning time, people naturally feeling anxious and helpless in the face of such a threat. We can take some comfort in the fact that viral pandemics have always been a part of human existence, and that pandemics come and pandemics go. Human societies deal with such challenges through advances in medicine, cooperation, innovation, creativity, sacrifice, kindness and love. Our forebears have always risen to the challenge and made whatever adjustments were necessary in order to defeat the foe, and to create the conditions for a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.
Our practice, Colac Otway Chinese Medicine provides services that are considered by the government to be essential healthcare and so is permitted to remain open and accept appointments. However it is up to our own judgment and risk assessment that can lead to our deciding to take a pause. Such a decision is made when we think that the risk of contracting and passing on the virus is too high. Our top priority is the health and safety of our patients, ourselves, our families and our community. The decision is a difficult one to make as there are many factors to consider.
At the beginning of the pandemic, there had been only minimal testing for the virus, many people in the community had been returning from overseas trips, and the presence or absence of the virus was unknown. Victoria had stage 3 restrictions imposed with social distancing. We decided to pause our practice through April and May. The control measures were very effective throughout most of Australia with infection numbers becoming very small. As well as that, Colac Otway Shire had only 1 case through that period.
At the beginning of June we decided that the situation was safe enough for Colac Otway Chinese Medicine to take appointments again. We implemented upgraded infection control procedures and patient screening protocols. We’ve been quite busy through June and July, which has been wonderful.
Unfortunately there have been serious outbreaks of Covid-19 in Melbourne and other places including Colac.
We have decided to once again temporarily pause our practice. We are hopeful that the current control measures will be enthusiastically embraced by our community as an act of mass cooperation with the intent of protecting the most vulnerable people in our society.
Please become involved in this effort! We must maintain social distancing and sanitising activities, but we must also stay connected with our family, friends and community. There are many ways to maintain communication, and to help each other through this crisis safely. We must keep an eye on each other.
We will keep you posted. Please feel free to contact us.
Warm regards
Andrew Broomfield
Shizu Aoki-Broomfield.
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Andrew Broomfield
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Shizu Aoki-Broomfield
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Member of Massage and Myotherapy  No. 028660 
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